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Exclusive MultiFly Slot Review

Fireflies are famous for their mythical powers in many ancient cultures – and Yggdrasil's Multifly slot definitely has the potential to become another legend. Since its release in 2020, thousands of casino players have fallen in love with Multifly's colourful graphics, Dropdown wins, Wilds and Reel Multipliers. With winning power up to a max of x10,513 your bet – delve inside this tropical game, with our exclusive Multifly slot review...

where to play MultiFly for real

where to play MultiFly for real

100% up to €100. Min deposit €10 + 100 Free Spins
100% up to €100 + 300 free spins
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MultiFly Overview

Multifly overview


Yggdrasil's Multifly video slot takes inspiration from ancient Amazonian mythology, where these wondrous Fireflies of the night, were believed to come from the realms of the gods and goddesses, to deliver hope and guidance. Every spin takes you into the jungle where the Chameleons are lurking to zap the Fireflies with their tongues – the more they gobble down, the more you can win! As you'll see in the rest of this Multifly slot review and insights – this is a slot that delivers an exotic mix of graphical appeal, and multiplier power.


Slot type


Multifly features a five by three reel format, creating a huge 243 ways to win on the paylines. The game has an fun arcade style, but a sacred vibe, thanks to the backing track that has echoes of the jungle tribes singing to indigenous spirits. Multifly slot is a feisty game, with lots of thrills and spills, inclusive of Dropdown wins, Wild Multipliers and Free Spins, which can quickly light-up a slot session with powerful win potential. 


 RTP levels & base game payouts


 Multifly slot has an average return to player level of 96.3% - offering a fair chance of some winning spins, when having a session. The slot has a Yggdrasil volatility rating of 95, making it a game that contains its fair share of hot and cold runs of spins. The average hit rate for basic winning spins, is 17%, meaning just under a little under four winning rounds per 20 spins. The free spin bonus triggers on average, once every 182 spins, so using a coin size that supports a  high spin volume per session, might help boost your chances of triggering the best bonus features. Over-all, Multifly slot is a good pick if you love games where you don't really know what to expect and like extra random chance – you could hit a cold session, or Multifly could give your something special! If you want a game with less volatility – take a look at Valley of the Gods.


Base game payouts reward you for spinning 3, 4, or 5 of the same symbol on a payline. The animal symbols range in value in ascending order, starting with the Blue Chameleon (x10 coins for x3) and climbing through the Frog, Purple Toucan and Red Toucan, which pays x80 coins for x5 symbols. The 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols, are lower value symbols, rewarding you with payouts starting from x4 for three '9' symbols, all the way to x30 coins for x5 'A' symbols. Multifly slot can be spun with bets from €0.10 to €75, offering a diverse range of payout potential, but the the maximum basic win (5x Toucans) pays out up to €300. Multifly's really big win potential, comes virtue of the bonus features.

Bonus rounds


If you're seeking the full power of Multifly, which can send rewards as high a x10,513 coins (€788,475 on the max bet level), then their potential can be unlocked by triggering the bonus features – and then encountering a really lucky bonus round! Multifly is simple to play and the intuitive bonuses don't require any skill or technical know-how – but it's still worth learning the bonus mechanics, before you have a real money spin. Check big wins as well! 


Dropdown Wins


The first Multifly slot bonus to look-out for, is the Dropdown Wins which make symbols disappear from the reels – leaving a free space for new symbols to drop into. As well as adding interest to the general gameplay, winning combinations created by a dropdown, gives you a wild in one of the winning positions, before the remaining slot positions are refilled.


The Wilds and Reel Multiplier


The Wilds and Reel Multiplier bonuses have the potential to really infuse your rounds with enhanced payout potential. When Wilds land or are added after a win, you'll gain a multiplier on the reel. The magic can really happen when you manage to get several multipliers on different reels, because they are multiplied together (e.g. a x2 and x4 multiplier = x8 multiplier on any wins!). Reel Multipliers are reset in the base game if you spin a losing Dropdown and/or spin.

 Free Spins


The final bonus to try and trigger, is the classic Free Spins award, which gifts you 10 free spins when you land x3 Chameleon Scatter symbols. Any active Reel Multipliers do not reset, meaning you get lots of chances to hit some very nice wins during lucky bonus rounds.

Multifly is a volatile game, but this is why the bonuses can take wins as high as x10,513 coins for players who happen to unlock one of the slot's super lucky spin clusters.


Game Images

Quick Game Info

Release Date March 24, 2020
Game Type Video slot
Default bet size €2
RTP 96.3%
Paylines 243 ways
Bet Range €0.10 - €75
Volatility 95
Maximum Win x10,513 x bet (playing on max bet)

How To Play MultiFly

How to play Multifly


Playing Multifly is simple and just requires you to select a coin/bet size, and click to spin. However, our fast gaming guide will let you take to the slot jungle, with full confidence of bossing the machine....


Spinning for wins on Multifly

Follow these fast tips to instantly spin like pro on Multifly slot:


  1. Click to set your coins size and adjust total bet size.
  2. Click the spin icon in the middle of Multifly's interface.
  3. Keep your eyes on the reels to watch for winning combo's, Dropdowns and special features.
  4. Spin again or adjust bet once the round is finished .

Betting levels & payline activation


Multifly slot can be played with 19 different bet sizes, by clicking on the coin size and adjusting it between €0.0004 to €3.75 – creating bets ranging from a minimum of €0.10 to the maximum of €75. The 243 ways to win paylines are automatically activated, and can't be adjusted. The default bet is set at €2, so be sure to adjust it to match your preferences.




Multifly slot features a setting panel at the bottom left of the interface, with the orange gear cog offering the chance to optimise the game to your own vibe. The options include the chance to change the sound effects and volume, set the spin speed, and even automatically stop the game if your hit your session limit.


Understanding game symbols & base game payouts


Multifly slot's tropical jungle slotscape is a pretty picture, with a cast of Red and Purple Toucans, Frogs, and a local Chameleon acting as the high value symbols, supported by decorative 9, 10, J, Q, K and A icons. The payouts are triggered by matching 3-5 like-symbols, with the range of rewards going from x4 to x 80 coins. The Chameleon might be very useful for zapping the fireflies that trigger some tasty offerings, but the best paying symbol is the Red Toucan. The Golden Chameleon is also a quirky lurker to watch out for (x3 symbols will trigger the Free Spins), while the Golden Wild icons replace any regular symbol on the reels.


Bonus rounds


Multifly features three potent bonuses that mimic the magic hiding inside the fireflies – delivering the potential to send wins soaring if you encounter plenty of luck:


Dropdown Wins: Random Dropdowns make symbols fall off their position and are replaced by a dropping icon. Winning Dropdowns trigger a wild in a winning position.


The Wilds and Reel Multiplier: Wilds that land or are added after a win, add a multiplier to the reel. You can stack-up several multipliers, with payouts multiplied together to potentially elicit huge multi-coin payouts (relative to your bet size).


Free Spins: Three scatter symbols give you 10 free spins, with frozen Reel Multipliers to boost any winning spins.


Strategy tips


The volatile style of Multifly slot means thinking about your strategy can help you control your budget, boost your value and potentially trigger more bonus features. The game has an average basic hit rate of 17%, with the Free Spins landing at an average rate of 1-182 spins. While the volatility means your luck could run hot or cold, using a high spin volume may be a good Multifly strategy – such as 500-1000 spins (either split into one session or across 2-3). Using a high spin volume doesn't mean you have to increase your budget; you simply need to think about setting your coin and spin size at the right level to play safely. You can boost the spin speed to get through more spins in your session.

Conclusions About MultiFly

If you loved the song, Fireflies, by Owl City, then Multifly slot will have you singing along as you enter the tropical jungle and spin-away with the local Toucans, Chameleons, Frogs and the neon Fireflies. With 243 ways to win, three powerful bonuses and a volatile nature, Multifly is a game for the brave hearted, who fancy chancing their luck on a slot that can potentially payout huge coin-based wins.

When it comes to intuitive entertainment, Multifly is fast, frenetic (especially on high spin speed) and has some interesting bonus features. If you're looking for something different, Multifly slot's Dropdown feature will perk your interest, as symbols fall away to be replaced by fresh icons.

The real power of the slot comes from the multipliers, which are multiplied together to boost rewards – such as x3 x x4 = x12 multiplier applied to your win! This is why Multifly can create wins up to x10,513 coins, equating to a win of €788,475 for max bettors! Of course, most players will have their sights on much lower betting levels, but with spins from  €0.10 to €75, this game offers plenty of potential for newbies and hardcore slot players.

The volatile style of Multifly means it's perfect for a quick random session when you're happy to take a chance on tapping in to a lucky cluster of spins. Alternatively, playing consistent sessions, using high volume autospins, might be a good strategy for players wanting to boost the chances of triggering plenty of bonus rounds and potentially finding a big lucky multiplier win.

FAQs about Multifly slot

Get the fast answers to your Multifly slot queries:
Multifly slot sites can deliver wins as high as x10,513 coins, giving the game a maximum win €788,475, for any lucky player hitting the big time using the max bet of €75. Wins are based on random luck and are multiplied by your selected coin size.
The RTP level of Multifly slot is 96.3% with a fairly high volatility rating, meaning fair gaming, but clusters of spins that can run hot and cold when it comes to winning spins. This makes the game exciting for players who like plenty of adrenalin.
Yes. You can play Multifly slots for free at many leading casino and slot sites, by using bonus cash, or by enjoying our free Multifly demo game.
Multifly has a free spin mode that is triggered by matching x3 scatter symbols on the reels – giving you 10 free Multifly spins. You can also use bonus cash to get free spins at selected casinos.